Cars will register on Main Street Middletown, entering from Union Street and Pleasant Street and will two lines.

  • Registration starts at 4:30.
  • To be parked on Main Street the Car must be Pre-Model Year 1995
  • All parking will be on both sides of Main Street from Washington Street to Union Street with two rows down the middle of Main.
  • Suggested donation of $10 to benefit Middletown Youth Programs (Hal Kaplan Middletown Mentor Program, Middletown Recreation Dept., Middletown Summer Youth Employment Program)
  • The entire Main Street, both sides north and south, will be closed for the cruise from Washington Street (Route 66), south to Union Street.
  • No motorcycles, No bicycles, No burnouts and No vehicles over 20 feet.
  • Cars cannot be moved until the end of the night.